Piece Work Pay Calculator

Sample Piece Work Pay Statement

This clean and simple MS Excel application eases the process of piece work pay calculation and statement generation. All you do it enter the applicable pay period and minimum wage rate for the application, then the name, total piece work pay, and hours for each employee. The application takes it from there:

View A Sample:

Click here to view a sample file. This file has sample employee information entered in, but you cannot change any of it. You can view the entire spreadsheet, and print, which should give you a pretty good feel for how this might work for you.

What does it cost? A $79 fee purchases a one user license that will expire on December 31 of the year following the year of purchase, allowing for at least a full year of use, and which works for up to 20 employees at one time. For more than 20 employees, you can simply use the application multiple times. If you have an interest in one that will handle more employees at a time, or with added functionality, contact us with your needs and wants and we'll provide you with a quote.

System Requirements:

If you can open a MS Excel file, you should run this, as it is simply a preconfigured and password protected MS Excel file.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Check with your HR counsel to make sure that this spreadsheet will work for you. The creators of this speadsheet are not HR attorneys, are in no way qualified to provide HR advice of any kind, and have not provided any HR or wage and hour advice as part of the sale of this application. This program merely is designed to do only what it says it will do above.

Allow 12 to 48 hours for delivery via e-mail.

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